Console - Campaign dashboard for launching, managing, and scaling campaigns

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Centralized Campaign Management

Simplify campaign creation and management by creating your ads all in one place. The console is built for duplicating and scaling campaigns quickly

Agencies' Favorite

Seamlessly integrate multiple accounts for streamlined campaign management on a single dashboard, preferred by leading agencies

KPI Monitoring for Profit Maximization

Gain insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and track profitability effortlessly. Analyze ROI and visitor revenue from any traffic source by integrating your revenue accounts

Real-Time Insights

Stay ahead with hourly insights, enabling you to take immediate action. Monitor Revenue Per Session and adjust bids promptly to drive growth and increase profits

Automation Rules for Optimal Performance

Set up custom automation rules to trigger optimizations, minimizing risks of overspending and ensuring you meet your goals effectively

Efficient Bulk Management

Optimize campaigns rapidly with bulk changes, allowing you to launch new content swiftly and scale your operations faster

Streamlined Publisher Management

Easily identify and block unwanted publishers with a comprehensive overview of performance metrics on a single screen. Make informed decisions swiftly to enhance campaign effectiveness

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