Native Ad Mistakes Losing You Money

Even Native Advertising veterans can make mistakes they’re unaware of that end up costing them thousands of dollars. For those new to Native Advertising, mistakes can cost them so much money so early on, that they abandon Native Advertising altogether and deem it a waste of time and money—and that’s a big problem.

Every new source requires testing. You’re excited to dive in, but like many advertisers and entrepreneurs trying something new, you might be firing blindly, hoping to hit your target. Maybe you’ve been looking for tips and tricks online, but unfortunately, successful and valuable strategies usually aren’t shared so willingly because they can take time and money to develop or learn.  Not to mention, applying such tips and tricks is easier said than done. However, you can rest assured knowing that, we’ve got your back. By avoiding the mistakes we’re about to go over, your chances of wasting time and money will drastically decrease.

Not Changing CPC Throughout The Day

By not changing your campaigns Costs Per Click (CPC) according to your Revenues Per Session (RPS) throughout the day, you are assuming that your RPS is the same in the morning as it is in the evening (and that is not always the case).

Roughly between 12 AM and 8 AM EST, your RPS is usually the highest and therefore you should aim to be bidding your highest CPCs during those hours. RPS usually drops drastically later in the morning and will be at its lowest between 3PM and 8PM—therefore your CPCs should be the lowest during those times. You can use Prezna to monitor your campaigns RPS throughout the day. Below is an actual campaign screenshot and you can clearly see how the RPS adjusts throughout the day:

RPS will vary by campaign, so it’s important to examine each campaign individually.

Some things that can affect your RPS:

  • Seasonality (Q1 is usually the weakest, Q4 is the strongest)
  • Holidays (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Advertisers are always paying the best rates during holidays because people are buying more!)
  • Weekends
  • Content (Pageviews per session low? Bounce rate high? All of these things can affect your RPS)
  • Advertisers (The demand partners you are working with may not have fill or are not paying you a good rate)

In summary, you will be making a mistake and losing money by not responding to the predictable changes in RPS throughout the day and throughout the year.

Not Maximizing Good Traffic and Minimizing Bad Traffic

Native advertisers just starting out will usually have a bad first experience because they burn their money testing with lower quality traffic. The first thing to consider is, what native ad network are you buying from?

Each ad network has different publishers that you can buy traffic from and that means some networks have more good publishers and some networks have more bad publishers. The big players like Outbrain, Taboola, and Yahoo Gemini, are less of a headache when it comes to traffic management because they are transparent with what kind of traffic advertisers are receiving and they allow advertisers full discretion with which publishers they want to buy from.

Each ad network allows for some level of blocking and targeting and this can save you from losing money—just make sure you gather enough data to make a proper decision. 

With Prezna you can easily see how each Publisher is doing and quickly make the decision to block:


Not ‘Republishing’ Ads to Other Networks

There are many native advertising networks and they all have enough in common to where the same ad will work successfully on a different network. We’ve seen this a ton during our journey so we made it easy on Prezna to quickly copy a campaign to another network, simply click Republish!

If you find success with a campaign, just use the same image and headline on other networks—otherwise you’re missing out on much more traffic. Also, when it comes to getting rejected on one network (which is all too common) you can try the same ad on a different network so it has a chance and your time isn’t wasted.

If you’re not at least republishing between the BIG 3 (Yahoo, Outbrain, and Taboola) then you’re missing out. There is no downside. Sometimes the original successful campaign is actually outshined by the republished campaign, so by not republishing you may have literally missed the boat.

Bad Ads Are Taking Up Impressions

Just like how bad publishers may be costing you money, the same can happen if you let bad ads take up all of your impressions. You can’t fully trust CTR algorithms to decide what the best creative in a campaign is, it all depends on your objective. Do you aim for high pageviews per session (PVPS) or do you focus on revenue per session (RPS)? Based on your KPIs, you will be able to determine what a “bad” ad is for you and then cut it. If you notice a poor performance on the revenue side and the conversion side regarding a certain creative, that is an easy decision—simply disable and allow the algorithm to give other creatives in that campaign a chance. Always be on the lookout for impression stealers!

With Prezna you can see your ads performance data and quickly pause the bad ones across all networks, in one place:


Not Capitalizing On Successful Ads

This is going to sound somewhat of an oxymoron, but not spending is going to lose you money in the long run. Your campaign may only be showing up on the premium publishers like the Yahoo HomePage for only so long. So take advantage and increase your budgets faster and higher than you usually would if you see initial success. Don’t wait around. This is especially true with Yahoo Gemini. Develop a good strategy and always test new starting CPCs and Budgets for your campaigns. 

Here are real stats from a campaign on Day 2 and then the same campaign after running for about a week on Day 7. Notice the difference?

DAY 2:

Day 7:

Not Cloning Successful Campaigns to New Accounts

From our experience each account and/or sub-account of an ad network is treated differently and has its own history. You can be getting blocked by good publishers or your account can be out of favor due to ad policy violations, reducing your potential for success. That is why it is necessary  to maintain multiple accounts across all of the ad networks. Simply duplicating the same campaign from Taboola Account A to Taboola Account B can mean spending 10X! We have seen this with numerous campaigns. If you have a successful campaign that begins to die off you can give it new life by just cloning it to another account.

When creating a new account or sub-account, ads that you have already created for old sub-accounts and accounts can simply be reused with Prezna (all you have to do is Republish) and you may find that the ads perform better.


Not A/B Testing Ads

When creating a campaign, you have a choice–how many creatives/ads and what creatives/ads are you using? You’ll never know which combination of headlines and ads work best, so it’s best to just try every variation possible by A/B testing. By not A/B testing and just firing blindly, you may have missed the boat on a perfect image and headline matchup that could’ve made you lots of money.

With Prezna you can save yourself a lot of time A/B testing because we take your headlines and images and give you all of the possible combos. Then you simply delete the ones you don’t want and publish your campaign. 10 images x 10 headlines=100 combos in minutes of work for you.

By following the advice mentioned above, your likelihood of successful campaigns will increase tremendously, as most of these learnings take months and lots of money spent to learn otherwise.

The other thing you can do to increase your output of campaigns and improve your teams efficiency is sign up for Prezna. You can use our amazing all in one advertising tool to do all of these things:

  • Create and manage campaigns all in one place
  • Monitor your campaign Revenue data beside your Spend data
  • Gain hourly insights on Revenue Per Session
  • Automation Rules
  • Bulk Manage Everything
  • Block Publishers

So why not give us a try? It’s free.

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