30+ Examples Of Successful Ad Creatives

As a copywriter you should always be training and improving your skills just like an NBA athlete. There is a reason why LeBron James is still the best basketball player and in the prime of his career at the age 35, while other players his age are retiring… preparation. When he’s not dribbling the basketball he’s got 20 TV’s replaying every single game that happened on that day. He’s dissecting every single play from his competition while he’s sitting in his cryotherapy chamber reducing the inflammation in his body. Without his immaculate preparation LeBron may have peaked at 32, but because of it we may see LeBron win a ring when he’s 40. The LeBron example can be applied to any industry, but especially copywriting. Without preparation and continued practice your Click Through Rates (CTR) will certainly dwindle. The best way to improve your copywriting and ad image selection is by studying the best ads and understanding why they work.


The Ingredients For Successful Ad Creatives

A successful ad needs an interesting image, a thought provoking headline, and an emotional sparkotherwise people won’t click the ad.

For the highest CTR possible evoke emotions such as:

  • Fear 
  • Shock 
  • Laughter 
  • Curiosity
  • Relatability

Image Fundamentals

  • High quality images work best (big file sizes, e.g., bigger than 1 MB) and will catch the readers eye. Try your best to use the highest quality images in your ads if you want to increase your CTRs.
  • Images of people and faces especially draw attention.
  • Make a somewhat normal image subject stand out by adding something abnormal to the picture. For example, marking a detail in the image with a colored circle or even just adding an emoji:
  • Use the curiosity that an ambiguous picture creates to your advantage. Below, there is an image that immediately has audiences curious with questions. Everyone is asking themselves, “Why is there a lot of money and a hole in the ground, what’s the story .”
  • Use colors to your advantage. You can use different colors in an image to pull the readers eyes to a specific element in the photo that you think will peak the readers interest. 
  • An action shot draws more attention than a stationary shot (movement will always be seen first before stillness). 
  • Side By side creatives are classic and help tell a story like a make up transformation or even just for showing multiple photos in one ad:

Native Ad Examples

When you are creating an ad, keep in mind that your ad will be competing with other ads possibly right beside it and that means, any kind of contrast that will make your ad stand out in a “crowd” will be beneficial. Now lets take a look at some examples of Native Advertising creatives and evaluate them. 


Reasons For Success: Since When Were Lions And Bears Friends? Why Is It A Final Farewell? What Is About To Happen Next Here?


Reasons for Success: Vivid Red Color, Provides You A Benefit, Helps You To Save Money


Reasons for Success: Interesting Way Of Doing Makeup, Image Really Catches Your Eye, Everyone Wants To Be Perfect


Reasons for Success: Everyone Wants Youth, Shows Easy Benefit (Eye Creme Vs Surgery), Crazy Claim 57 But Looks 35


Reasons For Success: Attractive Woman, Relates To Childhood (Did I Wear That)


Reasons For Success: Attractive Woman, Curiosity (Why Do Slavic Girls Make The Best GF)


Reasons For Success: Makes You Think Of The Million Different Uses, Unique Product, The Words In Parentheses Give It A Good Touch


Reasons For Success: Catches Your Eye With The Peculiarness, Not Something You See Everyday, Interesting Word Choice With “Hallucinating”


Reasons For Success: Creates Curiosity (Why Are Mechanics Angry), What Is This New Device?, Never Before Seen


Reasons For Success: Little Red Circle Indicating Something The Viewer Shouldn’t Miss, Hand Drawn So More Trustworthy, A Detail In A Movie Everyone Loves


Reasons For Success: Freaky Photo That Really Captures The Eye, A Number Is Listed Which Pulls You In Further


Reasons For Success: Showing You Something That We All May Have Missed, What Is On Charlie Sheen’s Face?


Reasons For Success: Curiosity Is Peaked With This Creative (What Happened?, Who’s In The Car, Why Is She Flipping Them Off?)


Reasons For Success: Why Did He Dig So Much In His Backyard?, Why Were They Outraged?, And Why Do They Now Think He Is Brilliant?


Reasons For Success: Attractive Woman, What Are Car Salesmen Hiding From You?, Reading This Might Help You Save Time And Money, 5 Clear Things


Reasons For Success: Mystery, What’s Inside The Old Trunk?, Why Is It Bringing Him To Tears?, Side By Side Photo


Reasons For Success: Red Circle Highlights Something Important, Photos Of A Popular Historical Event, Keyword Choice (Chills)


Reasons For Success: Strange Hack, Why Is Coke Being Poured Down The Toilet?, Relatable Everyone Drinks Coke


Reasons For Success: Low Time Investment But High Reward (3 Tips To Save $$), The Photo Being Used Is Relevant To Electricity, Everyone Loves To Save Money


Reasons For Success: Buff Grandpa Is An Entertaining Thing To See, How Did They Do It?, If They Can Get This Strong I Can Too


Reasons For Success: Same As Above Ad


Reasons For Success: Curiosity, What Is This New Diabetes Breakthrough And What Does It Have To Do With The Woman, Creates Urgency


Reasons For Success: Gross But Catchy Photo, Everybody Wants To Lose Weight, Easy Solution To Big Problem (Just One Cup)


Reasons For Success: What Is She Putting Underneath Her Eye?, Why Is This Leaving Optometrists Speechless?, Sense of Urgency With “Do This Tonight”


Reasons For Success: Simple Solution For Big Problem, Vivid Colors Which Draw The Eye, Health Related


Reasons For Success: Side By Side Multi Photo, Shows Insane Transformation, Claims Even More Insane Timeframe (1-Week), People Want Shortcuts


Reasons For Success: Strange Photo (Why Is An Onion Being Put Into A Sock?), Crazy Insinuation


Reasons For Success: Before And After Photo Showcasing Success, Red And Green Lines


Reasons For Success: Claims Easy Solution To Common Problem, Photo Shows The Solution In Use


Reasons For Success: HD Image That Catches The Eye, Image Tells Exactly What The Ad Is About And Who It’s For, Clear And Concise


Reasons For Success: Resonates, Catchy Imagery (Green Seats)

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